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25/10/2003 11:50:00

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An EC funded Turkish / German Twinning project (environment sector) is looking for


•  Duration / Place: 2 years (24 months) / Ankara

•  Expected start: December 2003

•  Duties: Office and project organization management, and translations (Turkish-English-Turkish)

•  Min qualifications: BSc degree, fluency in English & Turkish, very good computer skills

•  More information at: www.milliparklar.gov.tr or call +90.312.287 99 63 ext: 2405


Please send your application with Curriculum Vitae (format of the CV can be seen at www.milliparklar.gov.tr) before Monday the 31.10.2003 18:00 to: scimen@cevre.gov.tr . Interviews will be held in Ankara on Thursday-Friday 06-07.11.2003 .

We will call you for invitation.


Ministry of Environment and Forest

General Directorate of Nature Protection and National Parks

evre ve Orman Bakanl Gazi Tesisleri 11 Nolu Bina Kat:3 06560/ANKARA

Tel: +90.312. 212 58 69 Fax: +90.312. 222 51 40

Twinning is an initiative of the European Commission to assist candidate country (here Turkey) in acquiring the independent capacity to adopt, implement and enforce the full acquis in accordance with Agenda 2000, before accession to the European Union.

This twinning project (environment nature- sector) will be carried out between the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkey and the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of the Federal Republic of Germany

PAA Assistant (PAA-A)

PAA will be provided with an assistant, who will be employed for the duration of the PAA stay (24 months).

The role of the PAA Assistant will be the following:
? To support the Pre-Accession Adviser (PAA) and visiting officials from twinned organizations in the execution of their responsibilities and tasks;
? To support the PAA in providing excellent logistical support in the organization of setting up meetings with local Ministry staff;
? To support the PAA by assisting him at all meetings;
? To support the PAA by developing and maintaining close working contacts and relations with Turkish officials involved in the project and project co-coordinators in the Member States;
? To assist the PAA in identifying, contracting and monitoring commercial translation and interpretation services;
? To support the PAA and Member state officials by organizing and co-coordinating all travel, accommodation and related problems within the confines of the project.

PAA-Language Assistance (PAA-B)

Due to the complex nature of the project, a high amount of translation and interpretation capacity will be required and kept available. The language assistance can support the PAA in various other fields too.

In general his/her tasks are:
? To provide translation (of documents) and interpretation (Turkish-English) on Environmental issues for the PAA, and also for all visiting EU Member State officials;
? Interpretation during the courses, trainings, workshops and similar meetings that will be hold within the project activities.
? Translations of reports to the EU-Commission in English;
? Translation of documents and papers provided by the MS in Turkish;
? To support the PAA in locating all relevant documentation for successful project implementation;
? Webmaster of the home pages for the project.

General Information for both positions:

? Duration: 2 year (24 months)
? Place: Ankara
? General requirements:
o BSc degree,
o Fluency both in English & Turkish (German as a second language is an advantage),
o Very good computer skills,
o No military obligation for male candidates (Completed or delayed at least for two years),
? CVs should be in the same format as given below

Tel: +90.312.287 99 63 ext: 2422
Fax: +90.312.286 22 71
E-mail: scimen@cevre.gov.tr


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